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Physical Donations of knitting and crocheting supplies, tools and materials are accepted and are shared with members in the knitting and crochet group as well as with students. Donations can be mailed to 2655 Tidewater Drive, #7821, Norfolk, VA 23509. Thank you in advance for your generous donations to our knitting and crocheting community.

Should you have any questions regarding making donations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Donars Circle

Marcus Doggett

Thank you!

Marcus Doggett has been an early supporter and contributor to the Noble Knits & Crochets Group. Not to mention a constant encourager of the group. He has seen this group grow by leaps and bounds since its beginning. In addition to all of Marcus' support he recently donated a workshop to a student. Thank you for all you do Marcus!


Thank you!

Thank you for your donation of several skeins of yarn and patterns. Many of these items were donated to the local public library knitting and crocheting supplies.

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